Sunday, March 2, 2008

rajbala verma: a horror film for poor veterinarians

Jharkhand veterinary is filled with more no. of cowards who don't have any self respect or dignity of work. A IAS officer here can make them dance like a monkey . Rajbala verma prove to be a horror for them. The lazy old vets of jharkhand got a bitter taste in their mouths which they remember forever, but the sin of old vets ia shadowing the newcomers as higher officers are often mis leaded about the facts . There are evidences when newcomers posted at odd places of jharkhand are being made scapegoats in various issues like AI and often gave minimum staffs . IN most places where newcomers are posted only one staff is given . On the above they are given extra chrges of 2 or more institutions. Those which cannot manage the DHOes and SHOes are sidelined . Forget about the laws ,in the district your DHO is demon like figure which is there to make your work miserable . Most DHOes do not go to office for weeks together.

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